Monday, June 24, 2013

It Is Monday!

Good evening everyone!!!! I hope everyone had an awesome Monday and enjoyed their weekend! I wish we could have 3 day weekends....1 day for indoor cleaning, 1 day for outdoor cleaning, and 1 day for having nothing but fun.......
(sigh)..wouldn't that be nice?

We had a very good weekend, worked hard on the chicken run, hopefully get more done on the coop this next weekend and mowed the entire 2 and 1/2 acres and weed eated until the weed eater died :( I think we might have spent a little too much time in the heat, both my hubby  and I kind of felt icky last night.

We both had a busy day today at work and I came home and discovered that my son's $1200 laptop had crashed! I am beyond furious!  This is a Dell laptop that is a year and a half old. We paid $150 back in February because it did the infamous blue screen of death. Last time they told us it was an operating system issue, this time they say it is a virus in the boot drive. it is doing the exact same thing, but the cause is not the same? Imagine that?   For another $150 they will fix it again......SMH.   I have bought $300 Acer laptops from Walmart that are better than this! My son had to have this particular laptop with a Terabyte hard drive and some fancy video card in order to do Architecture at Texas Tech.......$1200 in my book is freaking expensive to last a year and a half and go down twice!
I don't know who we will get to fix it, but I know it won't be DELL. I think their computers and their customer service sucks!
Onto better topics, went outside to visit all of our feathered friends and fur buddies and all my cares just went away watching them run and play. While watching them chase bugs and each other I forgot about the fact that I had a $1350 paper weight in the form of  a laptop, that our weed eater died, and now the industrial fan for the dogs and cats out in the shop has died as well.....oh and did I forget to mention that we now have a bad tire on the boat trailer, and the hot tub now has a leak we can't find?
Everything aside.....I love my life here at Itty Bitty Acres.
Goodnight my friends and God Bless.