Sunday, May 4, 2014

The More I Deal With People The More I Like My Pets!

It has been a very busy few weeks! Last weekend we were blessed to get to have a three day weekend, (the hubs and I took a Friday off) and go visit family in Stephenville Texas. Such a pretty town! All the rolling hills and green grass and trees made me so envious.....I come back to the south plains to blowing dirt and high winds and extreme drought conditions. I feel like we are living in a permanent dust bowl!  I can dust the house before I go to bed and by the next afternoon it looks like I haven't dusted in weeks!

Yesterday I went and spent my morning helping my daughter shampoo carpets at the new place she is moving in to in June, then off to Lubbock to buy plants!!! woohoo!!! So excited to get my garden plants! I couldn't find everything I wanted, but I shall make due! I also bought some Lavender plants! SOOOOOOO excited! I want to start growing Lavender!  I was disappointed when I couldn't find as many plants as I wanted, but start small, fail small! lol.....I am not known for having a green thumb! ....
I think I ended up with 16 English Lavender and 9 Spanish Lavender plants then assorted veggies and herbs!   My sweet hubby tilled the garden site and lavender site today and hopefully the wind will be calm enough at some point this week that I can get some planting done!  I am making manure tea....I hope I can handle the smell so that I can use it! 
My other exciting purchase for the weekend was my awesome find~ A metal red barn bird feeder at Tractor Supply!!! I LOVE it!
Until next time~ sweet country dreams!