Saturday, June 8, 2013

3 Chickens and a Duck!

I am so tired right now, but I had such a wonderful day today that it was worth it!
First off, my hubby found August's Pineapple Pie and got it for me!  I LOVE pineapple pies from August and you can never find the pineapple, but my sweet hubby did!

Then, we went and did a little bit of shopping and ate lunch, and then....the best part of my day was that we went to get our chickens and duck.  We were gifted with three Rhode Island Reds and a duck that I am not sure what breed it is! They are all adorable. Very grateful that a sweet lady I went to high school with 25 years ago was who gave us the birds, and it was fun getting to catch up on life with her.

We have not decided on names. I think the 3 chickens are girls, no spurs but I have no idea on the duck. I think it is a he because he is pretty quiet when he quacks and I have always heard that females are the loud ones. I am going to have to do some research.   It was such a wonderful day. We have a lot more work on the the chicken run and the coop, but we will get it done in time.

My son wanted to know why we were putting a net on top of the run and chicken wired all of the way around the run and I told him to keep predators out.  He asked if a fox will go after chickens. I said yes, why? He said he saw one on our property yesterday!!!! GRRRR. Then while setting things up for the chickens, we see what we think are three hawks up on the telephone wires above the run!!! OMG. The hawks, if that is what they are, are not very big and this is the third year they have came back and roosted in our backyard tree.

To finish my day off I snapped this shot of one of our rotten cats playing with a baseball. He rolled that ball all over the place!

That was my Saturday! Hope yours was just as wonderful!
God Bless!