Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting Soooo Very Excited!

This past weekend I found out that I will soon be gifted with 3 Rhode Island Red chickens and a Black American Duck! I am so excited and just can't wait! Hopefully I will get them this weekend.  
We were hoping to start working on the coop and on the chicken run last night and tonight, but thanks to hard days at work and heat, it just didn't happen.  So our plan is to do some  major work tomorrow night and Friday night and hopefully have something ready for when the birds get to come to their new place. I know because of time constraints our little coop and run will be "rough" in the beginning, but I am truly looking forward to the time when I can actually decorate my little coop.  :)
This week has been a stressful week at work for my hubby and for myself and tonight we decided that family time and some stretching out and relaxing was what we really needed.  We marked it on our day planner that tomorrow is the IT day to make progress on the coop and on the run.  I hope the netting I ordered to go over the top hurry up and gets here soon!.
I guess that is about all I have going on this week. Probably should have spent my evening doing some housework, but the way I see it, housework doesn't go will be waiting for me when I get ready to do it! lol
Calling for some bad weather in my part of the country, so if you live in the South Plains of Texas, please keep an eye on the weather!!!
Take care and God Bless.