Monday, August 19, 2013

RUSH is here, RUSH is here!

Well it is that time of year for me.....RUSH.  For those who do not know what that is, it is the two weeks before college starts and the two weeks following school starting.  RUSH, RUSH, RUSH.  That is all that we seem to do is RUSH. As the bookkeeper at a college bookstore, this is the busiest time of the year for me.  Fall and Spring Rush keeps me overwhelmed, understaffed and wore out completely!  Financial aid, rentals, millions of receipts, credit cards, charge accounts, billing....the list goes on and on!   The older I get the more I dread RUSH!   Oh well, can't change it and other than detesting RUSH I love my job!

Onto better subjects! We got two more ducks! I may become the crazy duck lady! I love the ducks! We now have a blue Swedish and two female mallards.   They are so stinking cute.  I loved watching our blue Swedish, Mr. Wiggles show his lady friends around!

We had to separate our duck(Mr. Wiggles) from the three roosters....better known as The Three Amigos because the roosters kept picking on him. He was so sad to not be with them and having to be alone, but we found him a couple of friends and I think he will be fine now!
The Three Amigos didn't take to kindly to not being allowed in their chicken run and chicken coop anymore, but until we get the Waddle Waddle Duck Resort built, the ducks get the run and the coop and the roosters get the barn and free range!

Probably in the Spring we will get some pullets so that we can have some laying hens, but there will be no more roosters, but definitely more ducks!