Friday, June 7, 2013

Loving Life One Day At A Time

So glad today is Friday!  I don't know about the rest of you, but WOW what a long week! There has been so much going on in our work life this week!! My husband works for a GM dealership as an automotive technician and new owners took over this week, so a lot of changes! Then I had a lot, and I mean a lot, of chaos this week at work that kept me on my toes, mentally exhausted, and so far behind that I stressed last night wondering if I would see daylight anytime soon. Staying a few hours after work today really made a difference and I can gratefully say that I am about 80% caught up now. Hopefully with financial aid closed next week(I am a bookkeeper at a college bookstore) I will finally have the chance to not only get caught up, but hopefully get ahead!!!!  Living life at work, just one day at a time.:)  I love my job and hate to leave work at the end of the day if I am not caught up according to my definition of caught up, but I have a very busy home life and I have a hard time balancing work and home sometimes. I am getting better!!! Baby steps.
To get a jump start on having an awesome weekend, I got up a little earlier than usual this morning in order to take stock of what I needed from the grocery store and to make a menu for the next couple of weeks. Due to our stressful week we have had to eat out way too much!   So I took my lunch break to run and get groceries, stayed after work for a few extra hours to make headway there. Came home and started supper, put away groceries, did a little housework, my sweetie came home, we all sat down and had supper, we all cleaned up the supper mess then my sweetie and I headed outdoors.  HELLO PEACE!
We picked up a little more of the debris that is still in abundance around the place. (2 1/2 acres seems like a lot when you are picking up what feels like a million sticks, twigs and miscellaneous trash that has blown in), then we went and spent some time petting the animals.  Little tug of war and fetch with the dogs and treats for the goats and some hugs and petting for the horses!  Then we headed to the site of our future chicken run.
We now have a 7 foot tall, 40 foot long and 15 foot wide chicken run. Here is a pic with the first row of chicken wire up.  We will install the netting over the top and haul in the railroad ties tomorrow.   So excited!!!!  We will steadily work on the coop as the weekend progresses.
While working on the chicken run we noticed our golden pheasant is officially sitting on her nest!!! While we were out there (about 3 hours) she never moved off of her nest!!!  That makes me so happy!!!

Then the best part of my day happened!!!! Our neighbors were out riding their horses and watching our miniature horses react to the full grown horses was amazing.   Our minis are Miniature Arabians.  They are beautiful and graceful little horses.  As soon as they spotted the neighbors on their horses they became so excited! They took off racing across the arena to hurry up and meet up with their friends.  After visiting a little bit, the other horses started walking down the road and our minis started to strut their stuff!!!! OMG IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!  They had their heads up high, tails raised and backs arched as they pranced back and forth up and down the fence line. (Of course the battery was dead on my camera! )  Then they realized their friends were leaving and they started running full speed across the arena bucking and jumping and I can not begin to explain just how regal and just beautiful they were!!!
So I guess when it all comes down to the nitty gritty, all the stress from work, all the things on my "to do" list that did not get done this week......none of it mattered once I saw my minis prance across the arena.   I thank the Lord for blessing me with getting to love my life one day at a time.