Thursday, June 6, 2013

Texas Weather

Well if you have ever been in Texas you know that the weather changes all of the time! Hot one minute, cold the next.  
Last night the south plains faced some very strong winds and some heavy rain. We got moderate rain, THANK YOU LORD, and a lot of high winds. We had winds averaging 75 miles an hour and gust up to 85 mph.  Add to that, the fact that it was straight line winds, and suffice it to say this storm left a lot of damage behind.  Although we suffered some damage, we are very grateful that all of our animals are safe and sound,and there was not any damage to the house or the vehicles.  Here are some pictures I took today at our place.

Neighbors metal siding in our arena.

Our Itty Bitty Trailer got moved a few feet. Notice the jack at the back of the trailer? The trailer used to sit on it!

Obviously tore up the cover for the pontoon.  Notice the tree branch in the background by the motor? It landed on the fence instead of on the boat. Doesn't look big in picture, but was big enough it would have damaged the pontoon.  

This is several large branches that fell out of our enormous elm tree in our backyard.  The blue awning on the shop porch was ripped to shreds as well.

The adirondack chair was lifted and carried all the way across our backyard and thrown into the front yard. I had just sat it back over the fence.

Tree branches everywhere.

No more awning on shop porch. Complete loss.

We lost some fiberglass panels on the barn roof, a watering tub in the goat yard, and a couple of bird feeders, but beyond that we survived the high winds a lot better off than some of our neighbors. One of our neighbors had a shed that the wind literally rolled the tin roof into a ball and another neighbor lost all of the metal off the top of their shop as well. People had entire trees uprooted and thrown around.  If you have never been caught in high speed straight line winds please, please be aware of the danger. This was not a tornado, but was still very dangerous. Some people even had windows blown out and windshields shattered.   
So tonight please say a prayer for all those who are suffering the aftermath of bad weather.
God bless.