Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Home Is Always Where The Peace Is.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes life seems so stressful when you are at work, a social  event, or even maybe a family gathering, but get HOME, and all of a sudden life is calm again?

Yesterday and today I had more than my fair share of "yuck" at work. I came home tonight and I told my hubby that I felt like the song from "The Band Perry", ~All I Want To Be Is Done~ lol. I felt that wiped out!  
I got home and watered all of the plants, filled the bird feeders, straightened up a few things, went back to work for a little while, and then came home and checked emails then I went outside.

That was the moment life instantly got better.  I walked out and petted the goats for a little while, then went to spend some time with the horses, and they let me love all over them. Then I sat on the swing and watched the dogs playing tug of war, the cats chasing each other, the goats playing with each other and the birds chirping and the wind was not  blowing and I thought to myself......this is my PEACE. This is my CALM. 
 Being able to go sit outside and hear the birds chirp and watch all of my fur buddies running around playing is what makes getting up and going to work so worth it.   The calm and the peace that just washed over me was almost overwhelming.  Sometime I think we get so caught up in the "busy" times in life that we forget to stop and enjoy the "nothing" times in life.  For me, sitting outside and watching the animals play was a PEACE I have needed all day long. I can't even begin to explain how much more relaxed I am now. Maybe I need to start coming home for lunch and instead of eating, just sit outside and watch the animals play and enjoy the PEACE!
I hope everyone has a peaceful and calm evening. God Bless.