Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rain, Rain And More Rain~ But I Am Not Complaining~

Four nights and counting....that is how many evenings I have not worked on my chicken run because of rain.  Is it frustrating? Yes. But we need the rain so bad that I am willing to be patient and wait.  It has poured down in rain every night since Monday night. We have had a tornado touch down about 11 miles away, we have had baseball size hail 20 miles away, we have had wind in excess of 60 mph less than 10 miles away. But at our place we have had rain. Good old soil seeking, tree loving, grass growing rain.......and tons of weeds! lol. That is ok too though because I will take the weeds if that is what I have to do to get the rain.   Of course, now that it has rained for four nights in a row I am sure I will spend my weekend trying to mow down this 2 1/2 acres and working on the coop and run.
My heart goes out to those losing their homes in Colorado to forest fires.  I can not imagine what they are going through and to the  people in Oklahoma who lost their homes to tornadoes.   Sometimes I think we are guilty of getting so caught up in our "worries" that we don't stop to take time and realize that probably more times than most our " worries" are so small in comparison to others.
I complained to my hubby that we didn't get around to replacing one of the fiberglass "skylights" in the barn before the rain hit on Monday.  What damage is being done? Rain is pouring down on the dirt floor directly below the damaged area.  The rain is doing no harm whatsoever, but just the thought that we didn't get it fixed before the rain annoyed me....oh well, I can get over it.  There are people in Colorado that don't have a barn or a house because of the fires, so my worry is small in comparison.

So tonight I ask all the wonderful people out there to please take a break from your busy life and all your worries, and say a prayer to all of those out there that are going through hard times right now, I am sure they would appreciate an extra prayer or two.  
God Bless from my family, my feathered friends, and my fur buddies.