Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend Here I Come!

Is everyone as excited as I am that the weekend is here? I am so glad to finally have a few days off to just hang around the place and do what I want!!! We plan on making a gate for the Chicken Run, maybe planting some plants, and of course fencing them off so that my feathered friends can't get to them yet, and hopefully get some more yard work done, repair some areas in the barn roof and finish my crafting storage cabinet so that I can start re-organizing my craft stuff!

I worked until 3pm this afternoon and then came home and used the weed eater and 3 hours, and a lot of screaming later I managed to get about 2/3 of the property done! Hopefully I can finish up this weekend and I might even manage to convince myself to use the riding lawn mower to mow the ditch down the side of the property!(The ditch has a steep incline and makes me super nervous when I mow it).

We still have to move a couple of really large branches that fell during the storm this last week. My hubby will have to use the chainsaw on those before we will be able to move them though. I love living on our Itty Bitty Acres. It is only 2 1/2 acres, but with both me and my hubby working full time, we seem to always be busy trying to keep the place up, add to that taking care of animals, having one kid in college and living at home, crafting, cooking, gardening, antiquing, going to garage sales,and refinishing or re-purposing old things.......we stay soooooooooooo busy! Trust me though I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I love it! Wish I had more time to do more! I love to read, cook, clean(yes I know that is weird), scrapbook, craft, garden, do yard work, raise animals, refinish old furniture, re-purpose old things, recycle, sew, crochet(scarves only, I suck at anything else), canning, cruising on the pontoon at the lake, renovating our house, gutting and redoing our "itty bitty" travel trailer.....and the list goes on! lol We have a lot of family and friends that think we are crazy. I have had more than one person ask me, do you ever relax? I do relax, because when I am doing things that I love, it is relaxing. Do I get tired? Of course! Whether I am scrapbooking, or cooking or even if I sit down and read, if you do anything for a long enough period of time, it can make you tired, but for me it is a good kind of tired!

Well that is my two cents worth for today. Feathered friends have free ranged and we have tucked them into their coop, the goaties are all snug in their beds and the horses are chilling in the barn, while the pheasants are roosting high in the rafters. The dogs are crashed out on the back porch and the the cats are all out and about in the cool night air and I think this lady is going to call it a night so that I can hit the floor running tomorrow.
Goodnight, and God Bless.