Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not Enough Hours In My Day!

There are not enough hours in my day!  Do you ever think that? I seem to think it daily!  I actually think it might be the one thing my hubby hears me say the most!!!!  
I had grand plans for last week and this past weekend and boy did it not go exactly according to plan!  I found out I was being gifted 3 chickens and a duck and I was SOOOO excited(still am!LOL)  So my "To DO" list was to get the chicken run up by the end of this last week so that on this past Saturday we could go collect our new feathered  friends and spend Saturday afternoon and Sunday enjoying the new additions........yea....it didn't quite work out that way~~~~~
Here is a pic of the new additions, plus Spanky and Buckwheat had to sneak into the pic too! lol

We are 90% done with the chicken run and although they technically have a chicken coop, we have a lot of work to do on it.

I don't know why, but I always feel like I just don't have enough time to do all of the things that I want to do! I know that probably sounds so cliche, but I seriously have came to the conclusion that sleep is just overrated!  Highly Overrated!!! If I didn't have to sleep those 6 hours every night in order to be able to function, I would so skip sleep for the fun stuff that I never seem to find enough time to do!

I am beginning to think that I am seriously delusional when it comes to time management.   I am seriously NOT superwoman, and I know this and yet I give myself such high expectations that I always end up sadly disappointing myself.

I had so many things planned for this weekend and of course there was no way possible that I could accomplish all of the things that I had planned, but I thought I should at least give it a shot!  Well I missed the "shot" by a long shot!!! lol

Planned to write on my blog on Sunday and Monday both, and here it is Tuesday night, after 10pm, even though I promised myself this morning that I would be in bed by 10pm tonight and I am just now writing the blog I had intended to write for two days. 

I love my life and all of the hectic that goes with it. I guess I just enjoy so much that I run out of time before I get to do it all. My sweetie told me tonight that sometimes you just have to slow down, enjoy the joy of living and let some things slide.  He is so right. I hit the door running this morning and didn't get back home until after 5pm today. I went and checked on all of the animals, watered all of the plants, finally got the plants I bought a week ago potted in their new pots,swept off the front porch,  swept the house, dusted, cleaned out the fridge, cooked supper and cleaned up the kitchen and by then it was already 8pm. We went outside, let our feathered friends free range for an hour. Brushed the horses, petted the goats, played with the dogs and then we were back in by 9:30pm. Now it is nearing 10:30 pm and I am wondering if I should get up and go ahead and pack my lunch for tomorrow and give myself 10 minutes extra snooze time in the morning!

Tomorrow, work all day, mop entire house, clean both bathrooms, do laundry and hopefully work a little more on the chicken run!!!!

How busy is your life?
God Bless :)