Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh What A Beautiful Day!

Today is a most wonderful day! Nineteen years ago today I became the Mommy to a wonderful young man~ my son Joshua!  So today was all about him! He got to sleep in, and when I got off work I made him his favorite treat, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and then cooked him his favorite meal, Cheese Enchiladas, Black Beans and Spanish Rice.  He is the best son ever and I am so privileged to have him. He is super intelligent, and super kind. He has such a good heart and has good christian values and morals.   Like I said, I could not be more proud of the man he is becoming.   I love you Joshua!

The storms came in this evening and brought some strong winds, but doesn't look like any damaged was done; however, we did get some heavy rain, which we need desperately!

Hopefully the rain will seep into the soil slowly during the night.  We have been in Exceptional Drought conditions going on two years now, so this is definitely welcomed!

Tonight I am being kind of random, but I am in a random kind of mood! Went to hang out and pet the horses yesterday afternoon and I discover that Beauty, our miniature black Arabian mare has a swollen eye and it is full of gunk! We had just started the male miniature Arabian horse on allergy medicine because he had been snorting a lot! So I started Beauty on allergy medicine and I am happy to say that they both seem to be doing lots better tonight!
Then I noticed last night that our cat Mittens had a swollen front leg and was limping!!! I am happy to report that he came up on the porch earlier and seems like he is fine. All swelling gone and walking ok.

 Well I guess that is all for me tonight. Done a little crafting and a little blogging, now it is time to do a little laundry and then off to bed.  
I hope everyone has a wonderful restful night sleep.
God Bless.