Saturday, June 22, 2013

Life Is Too Short To Be Anything But Happy!

I hope everyone had an awesome Friday night and a great Saturday!   I had a long day at work yesterday, but chose to have a quiet night at home just me and the hubby last night, and we enjoyed just chilling on the couch watching videos of animals on YouTube.  Does that mean we are officially old? lol 
Today we hit the floor running.  We went and let our feathered friends out of the coop and opened up the outdoor enclosure for the pheasants. We heard a "cock-a-doodle-grrrr". Yea we thought we had three pullets.....I am thinking not!  I just hope we don't have three Roos!  After that it was off to run errands to all the usual places....Gebos, Feedstore, Grocery store and Gas station.  Then it was back home to work on the chicken run......
We made them a "Dust Bathing Area" with sand.....hopefully they will enjoy it.
We made Mr. Wiggles,(the duck) a pond and set him up with a place of his own!

And we mowed and we tilled
 and we lay down straw
 and we framed out the doorway for the coop and ......we are tired. Very tired. And to finish the day off I dropped my cell phone in the chicken run....

I really hope that is dirt on my phone and not chicken poo!!!

We had a very productive day! Guess I will mow and weed eat tomorrow and we will work on the coop again tomorrow.......


Well I am one tired country gal and I think my big comfy bed is calling my name!
Good night and God Bless.