Thursday, April 24, 2014

The weather here is crazy!!! One day 90 degrees and the next day snow flurries!!!!!
We have been soooo busy lately that I have felt like a cat chasing my tail!!! I can't even begin to detail all of the things that have been going on here!!!
Come first of June we will be having 19 baby chicks delivered.....I told the hubs, I just may become an EGG Farmer!!! lol....we got all hens, no roosters!!!!
Being a bookkeeper at a college bookstore, I am very very busy in August, September and October and then end of December, January and February and March I stay pretty swamped then get ready for summer sessions that keep things steadily busy at work....I really wanted to do my best to post on my blog at least weekly, but obviously that didn't happen. I am really going to try and do better!
This last week was a sad time at Itty Bitty Acres...we did have two mallard ducks, but we lost one, then about four days later a fox got one of the three roosters I used to gelding got an upper respiratory infection and then one of our favorite barn cats got killed! A week of sadness let me tell you!
On a brighter note, we managed to get a lot of yard and land work done this last weekend despite high winds!!!